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Here is what our audience is saying about Playing You!

“I have worked with thousands of women and I would guess 90% of them struggle with not feeling enough. Social media is amplifying that feeling for women as it perpetuates the idea to look outside ourselves for who we should be. This book is an amazing tool for anyone ready to figure out who they really are and step into the only role we were born to play, ourselves.”


Mia Moran

Author, speaker, coach, creator of PlanSimple


"Cindy Barlow’s book Playing You! is a keepsake not only for it’s inspiring content, but also for the lush illustrations and bountiful, motivational quotes it offers. Thoroughly researched and lovingly shared, this volume is a life’s work of gleaned wisdom for the stage as well as life."


Jane Pollak


Too Much of Not Enough: A Memoir


"Cindy Barlow has lived her life in passionate pursuit of wisdom, meaning and purpose. In Playing You! Barlow uses her extensive training as an actor and theater professional to frame her hard won insights into a step-by-step approach that can be successfully followed by anyone who wants something more. This book is about being authentic, and Barlow is an exemplar of that precious and increasingly rare quality."

Deborah Barlow

Artist and author of Slow Muse



"Much more than simply a lively and well-written self-improvement book, Playing You! Book 1, A Star is Born is for those who wish to put their best self forward in any career or life situation, employing simple and down-to-earth methods. Using techniques from theater, storytelling, and Jungian psychology—combined with humor, guts, and an original methodology—this clear and easy-to-read book is an invaluable life guide and resource that for many will be a foundational asset in their journey of self-discovery. Inspiring, challenging and beyond worthwhile."

Amy Weingartner

Former Warner Bros. and Disney Entertainment Publishing Executive

Professor at American Musical Dramatic Academy


"I was thrilled and honored when Cindy asked me to review her new book, Playing You! Book 1, A Star Is Born. The concepts, principles, and generous spirit that are shared on each page are one and the same with the Cindy who I have known for 25 years. Playing You! ties Cindy’s passionate and intentional approach to life together with thoughts and passages from other artists, writers, theologians, and philosophers -- creating a rich self-discovery workbook. She uses the tools of her acting trade to demonstrate how the reader can examine herself, her wants, and her needs, just as an actress would for a role she is playing. The pages of the workbook are filled with illustrations and thoughtful quotes, followed by a pointed affirmation at the end of each chapter."

This book is a true inspiration. Heartfelt, lyrical, and incredibly smart. 

Marianne Bayard

Actress, writer, and producer of Killing It!



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