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"Life is a sacred event, even if you are not conscious of its sanctity. Experiencing your life as an art form isn’t merely about finding yourself, it’s a process of consciously creating yourself."

What's inside the book?

Here's a sneak peek!


"When cast as a pawn, one may consider this role uninspiring. But a master chess player realizes the pawn has a genius no other chess piece possesses... Like the pawn, there is within us the ability to transform ourselves from an insignificant player to something uniquely formidable."


Writing a good plot in our own life is difficult because we do the same things amateur actors and confused writers do:

• We get lost and self-absorbed in our own dramas.

• We repeat the same old story line again and again.

• We don’t know how to generate heroic characters.

• We make weak choices because we can’t see the bigger picture.

• We don’t want to be judged by our critics.

• We don’t take the time to discipline our talents.

• We don’t face our dragons with valor.

• We don’t have the nerve or imagination to star in our own lives!"

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